When I started my work for Oracle India in 2000, we were the first group of DBAs hired for support work. We pretty much joined at the same time and did most of the things together. For a long period of time, we never felt we were working and the atmosphere was more like that of college. It was during these times that the best work got done (without anybody paying attention or trying hard for it). The work just happened magically. Everybody was learning new things, diagnosing new issues, sharing with others and getting the kicks out of finding solutions to problems. I really had a blast of a time out there. I can go on and write more on it, but would rather save that for another post 😉

During that time, many of us got close enough to become friends. Sandeep (known as Raju for some of us) is one of them. You might wonder as to why would somebody give a nickname of ‘Raju’ for him. To cut a long story short, it was he who fed us with that name day in and out. Every time we met, he would start by saying “Kya Raju…”. Pretty soon we started calling him Raju and that’s how we refer to him even today. He was a well informed guy too. You can talk to him on a variety of topics and he would be stuff to discuss.

Raju moved to Singapore and has been having a wonderful time out there. The best part of it is that he shares his views/tips on http://www.icare2share.com/. You’ll find very informative write-ups out there and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

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