Y! Branding

A new drive which has started in Y! Bangalore now…branding using employees vehicles. Its really cool thing. There is talk of using 4 wheelers too. I’m thinking about going for that.

4 thoughts on “Y! Branding

  1. In fact its free wrap for 6 months. I had a chance to look at 4 wheeler branding wraps and I wasn’t impressed with it. The bike stuff looks really cool, but not the car thing. So have changed my mind against it.

  2. I meant to ask if it cost the company(not the employee 🙂 anything to get itself advertised But since the wraps for cars aren’t so good, I guess you wouldn’t want to go for it even if you were paid for it!

  3. hmm…interesting thought there. Employees making money by leasing out their personal vehicles for company’s branding. At the moment its not like that though…who knows someday we might even have that way 🙂

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