Good Smaritan

May the best things in life happen to Mr. Manjunath. The guy who just dropped by my office and gave me my “high-value” cheque. You can still find good guys in this world.

Manju, says that he found the cheque on the staircase of the ATM booth. I had clearly put the cheque in the box. So the theory of the cheque falling off from the clearing team proves right. What a negligence on their part ! If Manjunath hadn’t given it to me, then I would be wondering for nearly a month as to what happened to that cheque. Even HDFC would back off says “hey we didn’t find your cheque”. Thanks again to Mr Manjunath for saving the day.

One lesson learnt – don’t put the cheques in the drop boxes. The good old way of depositing it over the counter is what I’ll do from now on.

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