My Office Laptop

Finally after 4 weeks at Y!, I get my office laptop. Its a Compaq nc6000. It consists of a Intel Pentium M processor at 1.60GHz with 256M of RAM. Yeah, thats correct..only 256M of RAM. I was really put off by this configuration. When it comes to hard disk space, even 40G doesn’t suffice, but one can still manage with portable USB disks available in the market now. But RAM…no way you can work on a 256M dude !!!
My personal laptop has now got 1.2G of RAM in it and I’m planning to upgrade it to 2G. I need to have an oracle instance running in a VMWare configuration and with 256M I really can’t imagine running a vmware instance. So I just have to settle with using Office, browsing, e-mail and PuTTY running on them. I wonder whether XP will run happily with 256M. Lets see how it goes in the next few days of heavy work on it.

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