Googling Sudhi !

I was at a friends place and we got off to some very basics of physics like unit of measurements and stuff like that. When we were unsure of the fact, we just did a search on Google for it and always found the answer. For a moment, I imagined what would have happened if we didn’t have the net and a search engine like Google. Its so difficult to even fathom something like that, even though we have come from that situation.

I just did another search for my short name “sudhi” and I was suprised to see something related to me comeup on the results page, all be it at 4th listing. Still I was amazed that the information I had entered in the year 1999 was listed.

The site from which google listed me is After joining InterConnect Network Systems, I had the oppurtunity to move to Atlanta, GA. As a trainer, I was living out of a suitcase and hotel rooms almost every week. At the end of the day, I used to just return to the hotel and got hooked onto this site. Man it was fun trying to dig answers to Oracle questions. I learnt a lot of things about Oracle in just attempting to answer them.

After joining Oracle Support, I couldn’t spend time on the site. After a very long gap, now I’ll keep a tab on the questions being asked. This time it’ll be different as I’ve been inside Oracle. Earlier I never had the oppurtunity to get docs from MetaLink. Just realied on the good old documentation. After being in Oracle, I think I’ll go back to the old style of just using the documentation and trying the stuff on the system.

Still feeling very nice about my listing in Gooogle !!!

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