Thunder’s Moments

Some of Thunder’s life in pictures.

Well, the last month has been really hard on all of us, but more for Thunder. He kept loosing strength day by day. He wouldn’t eat. Even after a lot of coaxing him to eat something, I’d barely manage to get couple of backed chicken pieces in him. He wouldn’t go to drink water as he didn’t have strength to walk. So the only water he’d take is when I bring it to him every hour. He would just lie down at one place and refuse to move. So I had to carry him around.

At one point, even trying to lift him would give him pain and he’d let me know about it. Thats when the vet said that I was hanging onto him too tight. On Aug 7, 2020 he was put to rest. The hardest thing I’ve ever done was to do that.

There isin’t a single day that I miss him and I still can’t believe that he is gone. The pain of loosing him doesn’t go away and everyday we try to figure out how to live with it. He was such a soul and I hope there is someplace that we can be together again.

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