Thunder – Week 6


This has been a good week so far. Thunder had his blood work done yesterday. We are still waiting for results and due to the long weekend, it might be coming next week. His weight is now 73.2 lbs. Whoo hoo!

His diet consists of a custom meal plan (80%) and 2 cups of kibble that he likes. The custom meal plan is either beef or lamb based. The combination is definitely more than his daily calorie needs, but I was going overboard just to make sure he gains his weight back. Now that he is within the range of 70-75 lbs, will have to start cutting it back a little. He has now completely transferred to two times a day feeding rather than his usual one time a day. I’m happy with this as his custom meals are perfectly sized for one serving.

His energy levels have increased. He plays in the park, runs well too. He plays fetch and tug at home, so he is definitely coming into his zone. We had an incident at the park yesterday. There is another dominant German Shepherd named Geo who he regularly hangs out with. They both are dominant and haven’t butted heads at all. Off late, Geo has been very possessive about his ball and he mistook Thunder going for his ball. My fault actually. I was trying to call Geo while having the ball and Thunder took it as his call and was trying to come to me, but Geo lashed out at him, more like a warning but that was the trigger for Thunder to go all out on him. Luckily I was able to separate them out and none of them got hurt. Next moment, Geo has his ball and both of them are running around like nothing happened. Only Geo’s dad and I were the ones who were perplexed at the incident. Both of us understand dogs better than humans, so we were fine after seeing them behave normally with each other.

His walks have been twice a day too and he really doesn’t like if I’m not walking with him. Say I get on a cycle and go with him, he doesn’t’ get the time he needs to stop and sniff at all the new scents as he has to keep up with the pace of the cycle. He prefers me to walk along with him so that he can explore every scent that catches his attention and also ward off any squirrels along the way. So much for me trying to sneak in a few calorie burning task 🙂

Thank you guys for all the wishes and we’ll keep updating his progress every week.

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