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Thunder – Week 2

Jun 4, 2020

We’ve completed two weeks after one round of chemo. Second week has been kind of a roller coaster in terms of progress. There were so many variations and keeping track of it felt a little exhausting.

Say someone is on a path to lose some holiday weight and takes measurement every day. If you look closely at each day’s value, it’ll go up and down and you might feel that there isn’t any progress made. But if you look at trends of say 7 day window, then it becomes a lot easier to see if you are making progress or not. Tracking Thunder’s food intake has been a similar experience.

On an average Thunder has been eating close to 2 cups. Earlier he’d finish his entire intake in one sitting. Now he spreads it over the entire day by consuming smaller portions. Along with this, his interest in baked chicken has gone back to being normal. Overall there has been good changes to his appetite. I’m not sure if this is due to the daily drugs he consumes or not, but at the moment this has been a welcome change.

We have Babar as a guest at home. He is a dachshund and a cute little fella. Why him? A bit about Thunder’s personality.

Thunder is a very dominant one. Generally he is curious about other dogs and will engage in some rough play. He only prefers to run and can get irritated if the other dog is all over his face. As long as they are around and not dominant, he’ll get along just fine. But if we bump into another dominant dog, then he’ll surely get into a fight. We’ve had some close calls and I can go over elaborate details about those encounters. I’ll reserve it for another day.

Size does matter to him. He’ll pick fights with other dominant dogs only if they are medium sized and above. Small ones, he really doesn’t care and will avoid them. That’s where Babar fits in. He is small and very vocal. Babar can bark all day and still have energy to run a couple of soccer fields in the evening. Thunder tolerates Babar, no matter how loud his barks are. When it’s done too much an occasional growl is all it takes for Babar to slightly back off and they both are happy puppies. Thanks to Babar’s dad (Ashish Kasturia) for allowing Babar to come and stay with us.

We move onto week 3 and at the end of it, will be ready for the second round of testing. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and wishes. They are very much appreciated!

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