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Thunder – Week 4


Jun 18, 2020 – Week 4

This week has been a little tiring. We had to do his tests and we’ve some good news there. His lymph nodes appear normal. Calcium levels are in normal range. So these are good signs and definitely the result of his chemo.

On the other hand, his WBC count is very low. Usually that’d mean he has some infection, but his temperature is normal. So his doc thinks that either he has some underlying infection or it could be side effects of Chemo. Either way he is on antibiotics for a week and we’ve another test scheduled tomorrow to check his wbc levels again.

He was on Prednisone and that got over last wednesday. From that day, there has been a gradual decrease in his food consumption. So he was put on it again and the doc thinks that he might’ve to be on it for his life. A call would be taken after some time, but for now he is on it. It surely seems to have started to take effect and he had 1 and ½ cups of his food yesterday. We’ll see how it goes for the rest of the week.

His energy levels too had decreased. But last night he seems to be back on track as he was playing late into the night. I had cut his park visits as I didn’t want to tire him out with the running, but now that he has some food and energy, he might’ve just earned a visit to the park.

On another node, Babar returned to his home on Sunday. It was a bittersweet experience. Especially when you see him rearing to get back with us, it’s very difficult to leave him at his home. But he has a family to get to, so reluctantly we had to return back. We all really thank Babar and his family for allowing us to share a wonderful time with him.

Just in case you are wondering if Thunder’s appetite loss is due to Babar returning, I can assure you that is not the case. Babar was with him when Thunder’s meds got over. Over the span of 3 days there was drastic change. So though he feels sad for Babar returning, it was more to do with his meds and current condition.

We’ll keep you all posted on the progress and really do appreciate your wishes. Thank you very much!

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