Thunder – Week 1


May 28, 2020

It’s been a week since Thunder has been given his first chemo treatment. Progress has been slow but it feels like there are improvements. We need to wait for 3 weeks before we can perform the tests on him.

Everyday he gets steroids in the form of chewable tablets (one and half). Thunder being a picky eater, getting him to consume medicine is almost impossible. But thanks to pill poppers, I’m able to get his daily medication.

There has been improvement in his appetite. He consumes anywhere between half a cup to one cup of his kibble. I try to sneak in a baked chicken breast here and there. I’m hoping as we move into week 2, there is more progress here.

He still is very dull and lethargic. The thing he loves the most is to run. When I take him to the park, you can make out that all his runs are not even close to his full speed. Also he tires out fast. So there is still a lot more improvement needed here. On a positive side, he has slowly started to play inside the house. This is the biggest improvement I’ve seen. Even though it’s for a couple of minutes at random times, it’s still a huge moment for me as this behavior shows that we are slowly inching to more of a normal mode of existence.

I’m hoping that week 2 will have a lot more positives. Thank you all for your suggestions and wishes. Both Thunder and I are extremely grateful for your thoughts, prayers and wishes!

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