Good Morning

Good Morning America

A beautiful spring morning!

This was shot in spring of 2020 on a trail near my house. I was too late to get the person on top of the trail as it’d have made a more stronger image giving a sense of scale to the trail. This is a vertorama (vertical panorama) stitched using two landscape shots.

It was a nice morning where during sunrise there was nice set of colors in the sky and after that, the light illuminating the grass was even better. I think I’ve like three shots from this shoot. All of them capturing the golden light on this amazing trail.

I can definitely say during that spring time is when my style of making images changed. I used to only concentrate on the sky and would be disappointed if there weren’t any. Never paid too much attention to side lit landscapes. But now I seem to enjoy either a strong direct light or soft directional light. The only thing I’ve to keep working on is to ensure I reach the site early enough to scout for compositions and not have a mad rush at the time of shooting 🙂

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