Wolf Snake

Wolf Snake

Tech Info: Single shot with Nikon D300s using 70-300m @210mm; f/5.3 with ISO 200 for 1/50 sec. Used the on-board pop-up flash for fill-in, set to 1/50 of its full power.

As a city grows, it starts to encroach the land of the wild and snakes form the majority of them in Bangalore and most often than not, it gets killed in the name of safety to humans. There are quite a few people who see otherwise; they catch these reptiles and release them in the wild, ensuring that there is no danger for both humans and reptiles. One such guy is Karthik (A kid who we literally saw him grow up) who gets called whenever a snake is sighted in the city.

About this shot: This little fella, a wolf snake, got his freedom during a bird watching outing in Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore. Usually very shy and hece you got to be very patient to get his head in a shot. Instead of just getting his head, I choose to include Karthik’s hand to give a sense of scale.

Here is another view of him

Processing: This was pretty simple than I thought. Just used the curves for contrast enhancement and little bit of sharpening for web display and it was all done.

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