Misty Web

Misty Web

Tech Info: Single shot using Nikon D300s with 70-300mm @260mm, f/5.6, ISO 1600 for 1/80 sec

I haven’t had the mood to go out and shoot as lot of things have been going on. Since Hunaid of RadiantScape was conducting a workshop, I thought this was the perfect time to just get back to shooting. If you haven’t already heard, I volunteer as an assistant to Hunaid and Satish (two of the photogs that I admire).

Initially we were disappointed that the entire Golden Gate and surrounding areas were completely covered in fog. We couldn’t even see any part of Golden Gate – this should give you a scale of how much of area was covered in fog. I was thinking that the entire workshop would be a dull one, little did I realize that no outing for photography can result in a bad time. Probably I was too restrictive in my thoughts on some pre-conceived images that I forgot to embrace what the weather offers.

The workshop was fun. All the participants had a nice time and were happy that they learnt something new. I came back with an image that I thought would never have the opportunity to make one – a spider’s web with the fog’s mist in it.

About this shot: This web was discovered on the ramp to Rodeo Beach. The light was little low for a hand-held shot and it was quite windy as well. So I had to go for a high ISO just to get 1/80 of sec exposure.

Processing: Since it was high ISO shot, I was expecting some noise in it, but was little surprised with the amount of noise I found – D300s just rocks on this front. Did a tiny bit of noise reduction to it and a custom white balance to my taste.

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  1. Weird, i thought i posted a comment yest n i don't see it today…im going loony i guess…anyways, just wanted to say…its a real nice picture Sudhi.

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