Summer Time!

Summer Time!

Tech Info: Single expsoure taken with Nikon D300s with 70-300mm, with f/5.6 at 1/3000 sec at ISO 400

Call it the effect of global warming or anything you like, but summer has been very late this year. Its been quite disappointing seeing the weather forecast for the past couple of months. If weather had kept its schedule to match that of last year, then April should have been a lot warmer. Sadly it wasn’t. But it seems like its slowly getting warmer at this side of the world and I’m eagerly waiting for it.

Where was I?
I’m overwhelmed with amount of emails and flickr mails that I got when there was a big break in my posts. As I had mentioned, things were a little hectic at work and to top that, my back got really screwed’up. To add to the insult, it was freaking cold out here! So I was out of action. I’ve been taking some measures to at least restore some normalcy in my routines and hopefully if things continue, will surely get there. At least now I can manage to sit for little longer durations and my back seems to be co-operating well for it…touch wood.

About this shot
This was taken at a park when the temperatures were little warmer. While Nidhi was playing in the park, these labs were busy playing fetch in the water. They were pretty friendly too. With the permission of their master, I took couple of shots of them and this is one of it.

Whats the problem with this shot?The problem of processing images on an uncalibrated monitor is very evident in this one. While processing this on my new Vaio laptop, it looked just fine. The colors were great and there was enough contrast. The moment I uploaded it to flickr and checked my old monitor, it was lacking in contract, colors seemed quite muted and to me the overall pic looks pretty flat. Since I didn’t have any more patience to either re-edit it again or go on calibrating the laptop monitor or increase the risk of back by sitting longer, just stopped at this one. I’ve a huge backlog of pictures to be processed (yeah, quite a lot of them to be given out for friends), I need to calibrate the laptop monitor soon or at least get it to a level where it kinda looks like my other desktop monitor 🙂

I’m hoping to finish all processing for my friends this week and after which I’ll get back to my regular posts.

What type of posts can we expect?
There have been quite a lot of requests for posts and I really can’t go into all of them. It’ll be suffice to say that I can cover 80-90% of the topics requested. Also note that there are so many ways to learn them and I’m no authority on it at all. Its just my interpretation of the concepts and of course the way I use it for my pics. Its a constant learning process and I’m having lots of fun with it. So if you can take what I say with a pinch of sal, then I’m sure you’ll have fun too 🙂

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  1. Good to see you back in action….you are a busy busy man…can I manage to get one Autograph please!….Nice picture Sudhi!

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