Its fixed, atleast for now :)

Imagine not checking your email for about a day and when you do, you find some 50+ unread mails in the inbox. All of them said one thing and it was that the site was getting redirected to some other site stating that the domain has expired.
I checked the site registration contract and it doesn’t expire till March of this year. So the first thought was that my account got compromised. After ruling that out, the only other suspect was about the third party template that I was using.
Earlier before I added the “Read More” options to my posts, I had the “views” option. After one of my friend found out that it was buggy, I had disabled it by commenting it out. Since my xml skillset is next to nothing, all I had done was just take out that text of “views” from the template. So the buggy code was getting executed all along and of course it hadn’t come to my attention…till now.
I never knew that so many people were regularly checking out my posts. This is definitely a surprise. Also thank you all for the appreciation showed. This started as a place where I could document my notes on a new found hobby, never did it cross my mind that it would have its own set of readers. I’m glad that you find it helpful and informative. I’ll try to keep that in mind for my subsequent posts.
Now this new template is not something that I like, but have no time to pick something new. Hopefully will do it by next week. Currently I’m in Hannover, NH vising a friend. I’ve just finished a star trail attempt and the initial preview on the LCD looks promising. I’m not going to trust that as I’ve been bitten by it many times. So I’m hoping that it would turn out ok. Also my legs are so tired after skiing for most part of the day that I have no strength to even search for anything in the house…let alone on the net for some new blogger templates.
This template is going to stay for atleast a week now…bear with it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Its fixed, atleast for now :)

  1. he he…the face detection thing is really funny. Surprisingly, one of my friends brother here in the bay area is working on some prototypes like that. Would be interesting to hear his views on it :)About the shot, yeah, when I get my best shot, will surely post out there.

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