Waves of Sand

Waves of Sand

Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/640)
Aperture: f16
ISO: 200
Lens: 18-105 @ 45mm

During the weekend crazy trip that I made with couple of other crazy friends, we stopped at this beach on the way back. Its a very long beach with cars/trucks/RVs/4x4s …etc driving on the beach. The beach has a speed limit of 15 mph and is supposedly strictly enforced.

The reason why we stopped at this beach was to take pictures of the sand dunes. Yeah, there is a small set of dunes which are preserved with barb-wire fences. They also allow bikes and other rides on the dunes, but some of them are part of the preserve and not for recreation (good in a way as the dunes are not contaminated by footsteps 🙂

All 3 of us (three idiots) decided to head out to take some pictures and did a short hike to get close to some dunes. These are small dunes and not as big as what you would find in Nevada, but they are beautiful. Though we weren’t at the ideal time for the light to be right, we were good to get some test shots or at least make an attempt at it. During the short hike, you would come across these sand patterns which looked like waves, of course they are formed due to the strong ocean winds coming mainly from the pacific ocean. The dark/light combination was really pretty and the picture doesn’t do justice to the sight we saw. I could only imagine how it would glow during sunset or even the light falling on them at an angle. Hopefully when I visit the big sand dunes, I’ll make sure that I stay either for sunrise/sunset. But for now, will be happy with this one 🙂

…and yeah, the title is named after the guy who drove us all the way for the crazy trip 😉

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  1. Like the grainy effect in the picture!… I'll never forget this outing…it had its own set of thrills…I felt like a child trying to break free.

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