Spiky Ostrich

Spiky Ostrich

Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/640)
Aperture: f8
ISO: 200
Lens: 70-300 @300 mm

The advantage of being alone is that I can head out whenever I want, but I was reluctant, so I dragged my friends who were just trying to get out jet lag to practice some sunset shots on the pacific coast. We headed towards Santa Cruz, didn’t find anything interesting and started driving back towards northern side in search of some beaches with no crowd around. After finding one and spending some time out there, one of my friend suddenly had this idea of heading out to Solvang, stay overnight and then head back home the next day. In a min, we were all in agreement with that crazy idea and had a ball of a time. It was more like a mini road trip. No agenda, just driving around to find some locations to take pictures 🙂

One of those places we stopped at was Ostrich Land. A place which is famous for feeding these lovely birds. Kids would love the place as they can get very close to the birds…of course taking all necessary precaution not to get bitten by them.

I used the 70-300 telephoto for these pics as the lens gives a good shallow depth of field which helps in blurring out the boring backgrounds. Here is another close-up view of one of them:

The sad part of that visit was seeing packets of “ostrich meat” in the freezer. It just makes you realize that its nothing but an Ostrich Farm.

6 thoughts on “Spiky Ostrich

  1. that is one crazy friend with an even crazier idea…but sudhi the pics turned out pretty good…they look so much different post processing!

  2. he he…pretty much all my friends are "crazy" :)About processing pictures…yeah, they have to turn out different as we make them. If you are going to just use the processing that is built into the camera, then the final one would match pretty close to the preview that you see on the camera. But if you are going to shoot in raw, then just relying on preview doesn't help, so we use histograms to determine whether we have all the details that are needed to process them. I've burnt my fingers many times by just relying on the preview…but its a lesson learnt the hard way 🙂

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