Tower Falls, Yellowstone

Tower Falls, Yellowstone

Standing at a height of ~130ft, tower falls is another beauty in yellowstone national park. The overlook area is pretty close to the parking lot, so it is easily accessible. There is another short and steep hike which leads all the way to the base of this falls, which of course we didn’t do it and have reserved it for my next visit.

This is the first waterfall shot that I’ve ever attempted. When we arrived at this place, the lighting was just enough to get that milky effect for the falls. I was literally day dreaming as to when I’ll get a chance to shoot waterfalls and when I found this, forgot about everything and was only looking at getting that effect to the falls. As it turns out, it wasn’t bad either. I did get that effect and took quite a lot of learning too.

Exposure: 0.2s
Aperture: f8
ISO: 200
Lens: 18-105 @50mm

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  1. Exactly what I had in mind bidu :). I was so eager to get the waterfall shot, that I completely ignored all the other things, which was evident in the photo, but not many "saw" it 🙂

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