Nemesis in action


Just a quick post on the shots that I took during today’s match. I was supposed to go early, but just overslept a bit and by the time I reached the ground, the match was almost over.

I was preparing for this chance of taking my teams pictures for a long time. All my action shots were not getting better due to my focus setting. This time I made sure that I do choose the continous mode and the pictures turned out better, though I still need to figure out the other settings. The light was pretty harsh too. If only I had woken up on time, then I could have made use of the early morning’s soft light..well, there is always a next time 🙂

Since I’m a bowler, I prefer to take shots at them. Its also interesting to see how the expressions turn out just before the ball is delivered. Check the intensity of DP here….


The rest of the player’s photos can be accessed here.

…and of course how can I forget the captain; Vijay. I had to put his photo at the start as I don’t want to be messing with the captain of the team 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nemesis in action

  1. ha ha ha…if I continue my current playing form, then thats the only thing left for me to do…oh! wait..I might not even get that 🙂

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