Vintage Golden Gate

Golden Gate in B&W, originally uploaded by kaddisudhi.

Its really interesting how my mood responds to my own pictures. Since I’m at a very early stage of learning, I’m very critical of all my photos as there are way too many things that would have gone wrong, but at the time of making the shot, it would have never crossed my mind. I’m a slow learner and every picture I take gives me something to learn about it. I try to use that in the next shot I take and thats my progress. It would not be a obvious change that you’ll notice, but I’m getting there at a snail’s pace.

This photo was an exception to my usual feeling and it really turned out to be a pleasant surprise.I had totally messed up my camera settings and just hadn’t reset them back…why…I just forgot about it. I didn’t realize it until I saw this picture on the computer. The moment I looked at the photo, it just looked so …aged! and that’s what I tried to do. Just converted it to B&W with a crop and this is what I got.

What do you do when you screw up your camera settings … give it a vintage look … doesn’t work always though :-p

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