Eagle Eye

We had a visitor this weekend to our cricket ground; Golden Eagle. The ground was pretty large (compared to the usual grounds we play) and it had a nursery next to it, so perfect place to camp for prey 🙂

This one seemed like a very young as the feathers aren’t yet completely brown. As it turns it an adult, it’ll be completely brown. An adult golden eagle has an approximate wingspan of 7ft. Imagine taking a shot of it with its wings spread out 🙂

I had to struggle to even get a shot like this one. First my camera was not with me but in the car. I had to do a long walk to get my gear out. Luckily this one never left the area…just changed places. It was first sighted on a very high fence by my team mates. As I was returning with my camera, it had shifted to a lower fence next to the nursery. This change in place was ideal to get a much close-up shot.

I got quite a lot of shots, but was so eager to get its wings spread out that I even tried to distract the bird with a stone-throw act to the fence. The bird did fly out, but I couldn’t get my shot, but I’m happy with what I got now.

Eagle Eye, originally uploaded by kaddisudhi.

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  1. "This one seemed like a very young as the feathers aren't yet completely brown"nt bad..gd observation..This is a new dimension of Sudhee 🙂 from what we know of him here..

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