Second Shot @ Night Photography

I was so keen not to miss the optimal time of the evening, but still managed to reach the spot late by about 30 mins. I wanted to take multiple shots between the 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm time frame. By the time I reached the spot, it was already 9:20 PM. To add more, it was pretty cloudy and I feared that it might just start raining any time. To my luck there was no rain and the sky had a good mixture of dark coulds and clear space.

I didn’t waste any time trying to figure out the best spot on the bridge. Yesterday’s experience had given me enough clues as to where they were. I had to deal with the additional overhead of oncoming traffic. Now don’t start thinking that I was literally in the way of the speeding cars 🙂 There is a nice pathway in the middle of the bridge for people to walk/bike…well now you can say to even photograph. You can get a good view just standing out there and it made a perfect spot for photography. Still the lights from the cars can really affect the exposure. So I had to make sure that the tripod was high enough to avoid any kind of light disturbance from the cars.

Since I had no wide angle lens, I had to make with the current set of lenses I have; 18-105mm and 70-300mm. After couple of shots with the 70-300mm lens, realized that the 18-105 would be the right one. It gave me enough view to get the sky, buildings and water, all together without much loss of detail. The picture turned out to be much better than what I had thouhght.

View of Foster City at night

…well not really, its overexposed. But in comparison to yesterday’s this is a good progress…don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Second Shot @ Night Photography

  1. Stunning shot! Excellent photograph for wall mount. If there was a lightning then that would have been even more awesome 😉 Can you add one now 😛

  2. @Sharan: It was very cloudy, but no lightning 🙂 I don't know how to add it machi 🙁 Probably one day will learn that too.

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