Cosmetic changes…again!

I know…here he goes again with changes to the layout. I just couldn’t take the newspaper-ish format any more. Wanted little bit of more space in the posting area. Tried all my attempts in figuring out which CSS element controls what, but eventually found out that without the corresponding GIFs, it’ll look pathetic. If I had the comments in the code, I wold have saved some time 🙂

Did some googling around and found this post on the blogger guide. The steps outlined are pretty simple. The GIFs can be used from his site for free. And the most important part is that I get to have a larger area for the posts. So I’ve modified the template changes and I see myself sticking to this one for quite a long time. Thanks to ids for his steps and gifs.

The only other thing I need to change is the font of the posts. That’ll need some help from my more web crazy friends 🙂

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