Nemesis: New found joy!

Its been almost a year that I’ve been playing tennis ball cricket for a team called Nemesis. The team takes part in the CircBay tournament which is held twice a year. I’ve also enrolled for the leather ball league team, but due to my shoulder injury I’m no good there. Nemesis has been very kind to have me as a player though I haven’t been performing on the field.

Nemesis has always been managed very professionally. At the end of last season, another wonderful thing happened. All the players decided that we’ll contribute the money (leftovers from the team’s fund, prize etc) to charity. An orphanage in India was chosen and in Jan-2009 the money was handed over to them by Rohan Pai. The photos were really touching and it can bring a tear or two to anybody. Rohan has also written an update to it on CricBay and you can read it here.

So its not just weekend fun cricket time, but also helping others who are in need! Go Nemesis!!

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  1. I can perhaps empathize w/ you on what it feels like to be non-performing:). However the work done by Rohan is commendable indeed and other volunteers like Vijay too do a great job.

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