I’ve always loved animals and dogs in particular. Not sure why but I can easily relate to a dog than any other pet. They are the best thing on the planet for just one reason as they live in the moment. No matter how your relation was with the dog, they don’t get back at you to score even. Thats the beauty of them.

Right from my childhood I’ve never had the opportunity to have a pet. My mom was very scared of dogs – hence no pets at home. My dad loved dogs, but mom ruled the house. After I started working, I gathered some courage to put the question of having another pet, but this time, mom gave a simple choice; either me or the dog gets to stay at the house. So I had to make a choice and of-course I choose to stay at home.

After getting married, I thought now I surely can have one now, but then again it got turned down by my wife – as she is scared of dogs. Somehow the women in my life seem to have the final say on this.

But I had to get associated with dogs one way or the other, so when one of my friend told me about Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, I was very eager to join them. They are always in need of volunteers for their projects and I applied for Dog Training Assistant. My application was accepted and I’ve my New Volunteer Orientation on Saturday, March 7th.

I’m looking forward for tomorrow and will update more on the event later.

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  1. It’s so true that more often women have the final say. Good to see that you are pursuing with your passion and making the weekends worthwile. Looking forward to hear more from you on this post your orientation

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