Go Wireless

Ever since I got my first D-Link wireless router, I’m really impressed with the concept of wireless. No more nagging wires around. With all the marketing talks about the speeds you get with wireless, I still vote for it. Just the thought of sitting anywhere in the house and fiddling with your laptop is such a nice thing.

Somehow the first router I got (D-Link) wasn’t so easy to configure. But manged to get it done and it was working good…before its adapter fused out. I need to order a new adapter for it. This time, I bought a Netgear WGR614 for a friend for $32 at Fry’s store in Sunnyvale. Just tried to setup and damm its so easy to configure. If you are not from a networking background, then the setup process is so user friendly. Netgear did a good job at simplifying the setup process. There are more options for the advanced user, but a newbie would be able to set it up in like less than 10 minutes with some level of security (WPA) passphrase.

I would definitely consider Netgear routers for my next one.

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