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Before I got pulled into our production db recovery, I was pretty much idle and was waiting for root_squash thing to be resolved. Just did a search for any local oracle user’s group and found this The Bengalûru Oracle Meetup Group. Currently there are about 13 members in this meetup group. But the group lacks an oraganizer as of now. So that..what the heck, lets be one and learn to co-ordinate some stuff…an oraganizer needs to pay $19/Month for it.

I’m thinking if I can get it going with a couple of other friends from oracle, why not pay so much and have a group and lets see how that goes. I’m enquiring it with my friends and once I get something concrete, will go ahead with it. I can get my friends to deliver presentations, present papers, give tips. I’m sure all that would be useful for the others.

To make a first promotion to The Bengalûru Oracle Meetup Group I’ve included their logo here 🙂

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