After leaving Oracle, I had accepted a consulting offer for x days in Delhi. This was a very unique experience than all the consulting work done before.

The total time committed was for 16 days. I decided that I’ll do it in 2 shots. A 6 day visit and then followed by a 10 day visit. The reason for hiring me was for :
– Installation of RAC on a HACMP cluster.
– porting their cluster database from the existing cluster to the new one.
– any pointers to improve performance.

After landing there to my surprise I was invovled with the “design” meetings. This was never mentioned to me in the project scope. The funny part was all the decisions were already made. I’m not sure why I was involved in them. For example, I was asked “how would you want the RAID configuration done?”. I just said that RAID 1+0 for log files, temp, undo tablespaces go to a different configuration. But the reply was “We have identified RAID 5 and we’ll go with that for everything”. Man, if decisions are already taken, then why pay a consultant to just sit in those damm meetings…

So the first visit was just nothing in terms of work getting done…but hey they were making a lot of progress in their project planner !!

The second visit was more to do with the implimentation. Got the RAC installed and patched with the latest patchset. Over the weekend there was a test run of it too. The CTO was extremely happy with the outcome. So things went on smoothly there.

No time to write more on this. Its a wrap for now.

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