Selva’s Wedding

My work week ended very soon. On wednesday night, we were off to attend Selva’s Marriage at Virudhunagar. We boarded the train at 6:00 PM. Landed at Virudhunagar Junction at 9:30 AM. Haven’t had much of experience of travelling in train. Had a lot of trouble in getting some sleep. Our coach was making funny noises. When I told that to my other friends, they said “its normal”. Also just last week I read some train accidents and was really worried. Now you can imagine the cause of my distrubed sleep.

The wedding was one of a kind. Never had I seen two marriage halls used. One by the groom’s side and the other by the bride’s side. The best part was when Selva had to sit on an Elephant’s back and ride to the bride’s hall. It was really nice to see kutti aane on a real one 🙂

The hospitality was at its best. One of the person who stands out is Mr. Chittappa ! Thanks a lot Chitappa for making it a memorable one.

Overall the trip was a good refreshing one. Also learnt a very important lesson in life. A lot of people that I’ve interacted with on a more personal level, aren’t really very straight. They say they are but really hesitate to say something. When they do open up their mouth to say something, its either too late or very bad timing. hmm…next time onwards I’ll be on guard with any outing I make.

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