Care for a drink?

Care for Drink?

Tech Info: HDR from 5 exposures using Nikon D300s on a gorilla pod with Tokinaa 12-24 @22mm, ISO 200 at f/10. Exposures ranging from 1/6 sec to 2 secs

Actually I would have if I had some company 😉

This shot was taken en route to Inida last year. Usually most of my friends prefer to have short layovers so that they can reach their destination faster. But due to my back problem, I prefer to have longer layovers. This gives me some time to give the back much needed rest and I pretty much stay in a hotel. Most of the airports have some kind of transit hotel and I’ve used Singapore airport hotel (Ambassador) for majority of my trips and recently during this trip it was the Dubai’s International Hotel in Terminal 3.
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