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Stellar’s Jay

Stellars Jay

Profile look of a beautiful Stellar’s Jay

As part of a trip to pacific northwest, I spent some time in Klamath Falls area. There are lot of marshlands around this city and is really a great place for birding. One good place to get information about the various trails around this area is to check out site. It has a good list of all site and trails around and also a map listing them.

I spent some time on shoalwater bay with my trusty 800mm which had a tele converter on it making it a 1000mm lens. My initial thought was to catch some bald eagles along the bay as I was told there were some activity near this bay. Though I didn’t sight even a single bald eagle, I had the pleasure of witnessing some beautiful little ones. This guy though was a frequent visitor to a dead branch. Of all the smaller birds out there, this one was very active moving across the branches. After watching him for about half an hour, I managed to pre-focus and get a shot when he rested for a bit.

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