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Sunstar Over the Trail

Sunstar Over the Trail

The obsession with sunstar doesn’t seem to fade!

This is another image from the archives. I seem to be having a lot of images that I’ve shot over the past two years, but haven’t taken the time to review them. It wasn’t due to lack of time, but more of a deliberate thing to disassociate myself from the image. Often when an outing turns out nice, I tend to get attached to the image emotionally and become blind to certain obvious things. By delaying my happiness, its my view that I can look at the images more objectively.

I remember this evening and couple of other shoots around this timeframe that were really awesome. I get very excited when the colors pop and have got my weather reading right. Another thing that I get excited is getting a sunstar. Over the years, having sun as a focal point in the image has become obsession.

In this image, the elements; sun, cattle, a hiker all aligned very well. The trail acted like a leading line to couple of those elements, but I’m happy with this one as it brings out so many good emotions of that evening. The cattle here are vicious, and they definitely need another post to describe it 🙂

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