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Race to Bloom

Race to Bloom

Tech InfoNikon D300s | 105mm macro | ISO 200 | f/8 | 1/125s

These gorgeous little flowers were found in my backyard.

I’ve tons of these tiny flowers in the backyard. Not sure what they are called, but they bloom only to sunshine and kinda follow the sun. I had borrowed a 105mm macro lens from a friend to try some focus stacking, but hadn’t got a chance to try that. Instead took a shot at these little gems.

They are all around the place and some might even categorize them as pests, but the flowers are so beautiful.

Processing: Since I was using a macro lens, I knew that it has really shallow depth of field, but didn’t expect this much even at f/8. Processing this was pretty straight forward. Just wanted to ensure that yellows stand out against the green.

  1. Basic raw conversion done in Lighroom. Exported to Photoshop as 16-bit tiff.
  2. A levels layer for setting black and white points.
  3. First curves layer in luminosity mode for reduction in luminosity.
  4. A slight boost to the yellows using a  hue/saturation layer.
  5. Converted to sRGB and resized for web.
  6. A layer for web sharpening and watermark.
  7. Added keywords and metadata through Bridge.


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