Misty Trees

Misty Trees

Tech Info: Nikon D300s | 50mm | ISO 200 | f/8 | 1/180 sec

Still digging from the archives as I haven’t been able to go out. This was taken last year at the great Yosemite National Park during a winter workshop from RadiantScape.

Early morning and especially during winter is a treat in Yosemite. You get a sense of freshness all around, and if the previous night had a snowfall, then you’ll find the fresh snow a treat to your eyes. Of course it’ll be freaking cold and you better make sure you are layered enough to fight it out. I had to get some winter gear specifically to make this trip; a ski mask, mittens, gators, water resistant shoes. The best of them were the mittens as I still use them even near my house. The cold chill breezy weather of the bay is really cold. For someone like me who doesn’t like either of extreme temperatures, these mittens act as a good cover. The advantage of these over regular gloves for the cold is that you can open up the mitten and use your fingers to fiddle with the controls of the camera. Once you are done, you put the mitten back on and you are all set. So in case you are planning to get some winter gear, give these kind of mittens a go and I’m sure you’ll like it.

Processing: A scene like this is very challenging to process and my photoshop skills are still at an infant stage. So all I did was to change the white balance and added a slight contrast using curves for this.

  1. Import into Lightroom and warmed it up a bit by changing white balance.
  2. Export to Photoshop.
  3. Added a curves layer for contrast.
  4. Resized the image for web and added borders, copyright etc.
  5. A slight smart sharpen layer.
  6. Added metadata, keywords through Bridge.




4 thoughts on “Misty Trees

  1. I’m trying to picture you in the ski mask but failing miserably…so the next obvious request is a snap of you with all those gears on 🙂

    1. Picture this: A black cat commando 🙂 …. and thats exactly how I was. Actually for some weird reason I didn’t feel that cold during this Yosemite trip, but Boston was really bad.

    1. It seems so easy to cut out the distractions while looking at the photo, but at the scene, you have to train to find order in the chaos…something I learnt after getting into this hobby 🙂

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