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Deepawali 2009


This year the festival was spent with some friends getting together with the little ones. It’s always a great time especially during festivals when everybody gets together and basically have a good time. We did however miss some of our friends who couldn’t be with us as they had to deal with a personal loss and were away. We pray that they find strength to pass through these difficult times of their lives.

I can still remember the good old times of celebrating this festival back home. Mom would be yelling at us for not completing the chores on time, dad would be busy trying to finish every task that has been assigned to him by mom (which by the way would always be not done right as per mom) and we would be waiting when the clock turns 4 AM. Yeah, we would get up so early finish all the formalities and then head out to burst fire crackers. That was the best part of the festival. Getting together with friends and having fun 🙂

Well out here we can’t burst crackers, instead we used some birthday sparklers so that the kids could enjoy. Judging by their behavior on that day, they all had fun.

Of course I had to take some pictures and I did. The problem was with processing them. I’m so lagging behind on that front and these pictures were really down the Q. But due to the threats I received from my wife and friends, they took priority and had to be done. From a processing point of view, its really hard to do portraits. I just hoped that my friends liked their pictures and to my surprise they did 🙂

The complete set can accessed here

Next time, I’m going to just use my camera as point-and-shoot one and just hand over the jpegs 😉

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