Lost in Thought

LostInThought, originally uploaded by kaddisudhi.

This is Nidhi after a very tiring walk in San Diego zoo. There was a color one of her in this pose, but since I’m messing with portraits for now, just converted it to black and white using Raw Therapee.

Kids are a real challenge to take pictures. They are very unpredictable in their movements. I’m trying to get some funny expressions which Nidhi keeps making, but haven’t been able to. Sometimes I feel that I can predict what she is going to do and to my surprise she does exactly that. Then I go like “Wish I had the camera in my hand” and rush to get the camera out, fiddle with it to get my settings sorted out. By the time I’m in position for her next pose, she comes up with a not-interested-anymore kind of look which is very short lived for my expertise with the camera to capture. Also this is the last week she is going to have her hair as its going to come off this Saturday. Seems like I’m the only one in the family who is feeling low about it. But certain customs have to be followed, the hair will eventually grow back and who knows with a bald head, she might even give me some funny looks to capture šŸ™‚

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