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There might be so many reasons why one would want to have a website or a blog. But if you ask me, I didn’t have clear one to start with. I didn’t even bother to retrieve my login credentials for this site for a very long time. So basically I didn’t have anything to blog about.

Recently one of my friends started a site of his own on and this got me thinking back to the olden days when I initially started this. Since Ritzy was upto something with his posts, I too wanted to get started (should I say continue) on it. Of course I can’t match up to his standards, but hey I’m not competing! I’m just happy that he inspired something for me to get started.

The moment I think of posts, there are so many topics that come to the mind which I want it to make its way here. But, the clarity of the thought is very short lived and hence the few posts. But what the heck…let me just enjoy the moment as kid and also have some feeling that somebody somebody might stumble upon this and hopefully read my rants 🙂

With that in mind, I’ve putup a cluster maps image – which shows the location of my visitors. Right now the only visitors to this site would be the ones whom I hold them by collar or even send out a threatning call to check it out. But I want to be optimistic and If I can come out with some posts regularly, then I’m hoping the clarity of my thoughts will also improve – should it not?

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