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Have been hearing a lot of stuff on htmldb on how easy it is to develop web-based applications. For a novice like me in web technologies, I really wanted to try it out. So have got it installed on my laptop now. The basic steps that I followed:

All three installs didn’t give me any problems. The only area where I got confused was in configuring htmldb 2.0. The installation guide of htmldb2.0 made reference to a file called marvel.conf – which I never found in any of the directories where HTTP Server was installed. Also the guide was on using 10gR1 HTTP Server, whereas I was using the R2 HTTP Server.

Still, I was able to configure it on 10gR2 HTTP Server.

Summary of the changes done:

After the above changes, a restart of Apache and my htmldb page was accessible through http://myHostNameGoesHere:7777/pls/htmldb

Now its time to play around with it and these articles on OTN should take me forward.

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